Vallachira Vishnumaya Devasthanam

Pullayil devasthanam is located in thrissur district of Kerala and resembles the pride, heritage, fragrance, and symbolism of the land. It stands tall highlighting the grandeur and resplendence of divine light, which covers the entire space, showering blessing to all visitors.

This devasthanam belongs to the pullayil tharavad (a joint family system prevalent in Kerala) and the current madathipathi (head priest) is P.K. Lakshmanan. From many generations, pooja’s and seva’s are being conducted every day with fervour and devotion.

Many devotees have experienced miracles by just lighting a lamp and praying in the temple. Experiencing such results, the devotees also contributed to the growth of the temple through cash and kind. The devotee’s population also grew, their devotion towards Lord Vishnumaya, Lord Veerabhadra, Lord Hanuman, Lord Karimkutty, and Goddess Bhuvaneshwari showed no bounds. This led to more people from far near knowing about the devasthanaman.

All poojas are as per Brahmana sampradaya (Shuddha karmas). Devotees give oil, avil (beaten rice), malar (puffed rice) and all items required for nedhyam (offering for the lord) on a regular basis. The Revathi star in the month of Makaram is a very important and is the time for festivities in the temple. Shaktheya poojas are performed during Amavasi and Pournami. Other rituals include,Kalampattu, Kalasam for Lord hanuman, Lord Vishnumaya and Lord Karimkutty. All mantras and rituals which are practised across the Pullayil lineage and the head priest PK. Lakshmanan has been performing the poojas and rituals with outmost devotion to all the presiding deities. The Roopakalam for Lord Vishnumaya is the most important ritual and if a devotee participates in this ritual all his desires are fulfilled. The head priest P.K. Lakshmanan with his astrological knowledge is helping devotees to solve all types of problems. He also suggests various remedies in overcoming their problems. Special divine remedies are given to devotees who have obstacles for getting married and for couples not able to bear children. Offerings include Velatukarmam, Nithya pooja, Kalasam, Roopakalam, Ghee lamp, Muttu Irakal (a ritual to remove life’s problems), Aishwarya pooja, Kukumarchana, Vadamala, Betel leaf mala, Chuttu Vilaku (lighting of lamps around the temple) and Pushpanjali.