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P K Lakshmanan

( Madathipathi )

Vallachira Vishnumaya Devasthanam

Pullayil devasthanam is located in thrissur district of Kerala and resembles the pride, heritage, fragrance, and symbolism of the land. It stands tall highlighting the grandeur and resplendence of divine light, which covers the entire space, showering blessing to all visitors.

This devasthanam belongs to the pullayil tharavad (a joint family system prevalent in Kerala) and the current madathipathi (head priest) is P.K. Lakshmanan. From many generations, pooja’s and seva’s are being conducted every day with fervour and devotion.


Latest News

Darshana Pooja and Bhagavad Kalpana for Bhagavathi after 6 Pm on all Karthika Nakshatram.

Saktheya Archana available after 6 Pm on all New Moon days (Karutha Vavu).

Darshana Pooja and Bhagavad Kalpana for Lord Vishnumaya available after 12 Pm on all Sundays and first Friday of every Malayalam Month.

Darshana Pooja and Bhagavad Kalpana for Lord Hanuman available after 7 Pm on Second Saturdays.


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Vallachira Vishnumaya Devasthanam
P O Vallachira
Kerala, India
Phone : 9947996415, 9605532643
Email : vallachiravishnumaya@gmail.com